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Almadion is featured from time to time in the press. Here you can find information about their progress and impact in the cleaning industry with articles highlighting various aspects of the company operation.

Food Processing – Understanding Hygiene & Sanitation Challenges

Jose Felix Martelino, Sales Manager, talks about disinfection in food processing

Excellent food hygiene standards are mandatory in the Emirates to ensure that food is handled safely throughout the food chain.

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CLEAN ME – Hygiene & Sanitation In Schools

Are school facilities well sanitized and disinfected?

“If school sanitation and hygiene facilities are absent, or are badly maintained and used, schools become risky places where diseases are transmitted.”

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CLEAN ME – ALMADION’s new approach to reduce In-Flight Health Risks

A glimpse into the need for effective sanitization and hygiene in aircraft cabins.

“The main focus is on prevention of the spread of communicable deceases via commercial aircrafts and other mass transport systems”

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Providing high-end cleaning solutions
ALMADION: "We are building our competencies and accreditations for us to be able to fill the market demand."

..ALMADION works in tandem with leading brands from well established and reliable manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. Over the years, the company has also developed its own brands complementing its portfolio of current product lines..

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BACOBAN – Water-based disinfection with long-term effect against viruses, bacteria & fungi
"Bridges the gap in between applications"
Advance NanoTech Formulation for General Surface Disinfection, Hygiene, Sanitation & Infection Control

Thanks to NanoTechnology, Bacoban leaves a sponge-like gel lining on the treated surface. Biocides are embedded in the porous structure which remain active and kills harmful micro-organism on contact. This allows long lasting protection capability unique to Bacoban Water-based Nanotech disinfectant.

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CLEAN ME – Next Generation Cleaning
Bacteria as BioTech Cleaning Agent
ALMADION: "We’re testing a completely revolutionary biotechnological technology."

ALMADION International LLC is planning to launch an innovative biotechnological cleaning solution that is based on friendly bacteria. The new technology is undergoing trials and is in the final test stages.

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CLEAN ME – Innovative Cleaning Methodologies
Aircraft Cleaning Industry Spreading Its Wings
ALMADION: "High demand for advanced technology solutions.."

"We see increasing demand for technology-enabled advanced solutions that reduce the downtime and sanitation of aircraft, says Andreas Boessow, CEO and Managing Director, ALMADION International LLC."

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“The particles are colored to show you where the stuff goes,” Robert Harwood, aerospace and defense industry director for ANSYS, explains to Popular Science. “Those droplets get picked up by the airflow and get transplanted all over the cabin. They actually spread quite far.”

Viral contamination Risk Simulation inside Aircraft Cabin
This simulation video reveals just one of the many ways influenza particles can travel in a pressurized airplane cabin.

At first, the video displays the virtual insides of a crowded passenger airplane. Then all of a sudden, one of the passengers seated in the middle “sneezes.” Hundreds of multicolored particles are jettisoned into the air, creating a rainbow-speckled cloud that lingers above everyone’s heads. (Source: Popular Science)
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Swiss Air – DryWash Cleaning and Polishing

rhobaAIR Dry Wash AIII cleans gently without use of water, maintains and conserves in one step, painted surfaces, including aluminum and chrome. No adverse effect on plexiglass, polymer, stickers & decals.

Bacoban – Anti-Bacterial Surface Protection

Bacoban WB is a new technology bringing a new standard in anti-bacterial disinfection and antimicrobial protection. Not only is it effective against bacteria and certain known major viruses that are causing pandemics, at the moment, but it also provides ongoing antimicrobial protection for 10 days.