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Aviation Industry – Brightworks Products

Our company is a proud provider of the most advance technologies and effective solutions to maintain and protect aircrafts interior, exterior and mechanical requirements. We extend our service and provide Cabin Interior Cleaning Solutions, Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Solutions, Brightworks Solutions, Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Parts Cleaning & Degreasing.

rhobaAIR AeroPolish SPRrhobaAIR AeroPolish SPR

Superior cleaning & polishing paste highly efficient in removing heavy oxidation, jet blast residue from aluminum cladding and paint on aircraft body.
  • Flat type abrasive component
  • Highly effective but not too abrasive
  • Results in highly polished surface, protects the surface from corrosion
  • No sandwich corrosion, safe to use on glass and acrylic glass, high grade steel, magnesium, copper, titanium, cadmium, etc.
  • Environmentally safe, does not contai extremely hazardous or toxic components
  • Ideal for protective cleaning of aircrafts, landing grears, helicopters, land vehicles and sea vessels.
  • Worker safe and easy to apply

Aviation APPROVALS:  Boeing D6 17487; AS 1650; McDonnel Douglas CSD#1; AIRBUS & ASTM regulations; Clad 2024T3/7075T6 Aluminum, Cadmium Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plexiglass,Painted Surfaces.

Please refer to PTI and MSDS for additional information and safety instructions.

Specifications and Approvals

    Product Technical Information (PDF)

  • 2024T3 Clad 2024T3
  • 7075T6 Clad 7075T6
  • CSD # 1 Mc Donnel Douglas CSD # 1
  • n/a 2 Boeing D6-17487: Rev. N Exterior & General Cleaner and Liquid Waxes Polish & Polishing Compounds
  • 77124 AMS 1650B: Aircraft Metal Polish Type2: Paste

rhobaAIR Polish & SealantrhobaAIR Polish & Sealant

A high quality product which cleans, polish, seals and protects the surface. Protects long term against harsh environment, salt, acid rain, other pollutants, UV-rays and oxidation.
  • Can be used on all surfaces painted or unpainted, cleans gently, protects and conserves at the same time
  • Can be best used on aluminum and chromium plated surfaces, it maintains value and leaves a clean and shining surfaces

(Refer to MSD for additional information and safety instructions.)

Polish & Sealant - Documents

Technical Information

rhobaAIR Supra 90rhobaAIR Supra 90

Best for finishing jobs enhances appearance of aluminium and painted surfaces.
  • Removes jet blast carbon stains, oxidation, residue and soiling with ease.
  • Safe to use on metals such as  aluminum, chrome, copper, titanium and cadmium; glass, acrylic and other polymer surfaces, painted or unpainted.
  • Does not contain extremely hazardous or toxic components, environmentally unrestricted.
  • Well suited for cleaning and protective maintenance of gears, trucks, wheels, engines, etc.

Approvals:  Conforms with commercial aviation requirements, AMS 1650 A, Douglas Mcdonnel CSD#1, astm F519, Boeing D6 17487

(Please refer to MSDS for additional information & Safety Instructions).

Specifications and Approvals

Supra 90 - Documents

Technical Information

X20 -18  Aircraft Exterior ProtectorX20 -18 Aircraft Exterior Protector

X20-18 Granitize Corrosion Inhibitor and maintenance control

The ultimate long term protection for bare metal. 

  • Correct application of Xzilon Brightwork on leading edges increases laminar flow resulting in fuel savings.
  • A pint contains enough xzilon material to cover 1600 square feet for one coating.
  • One of the finest corrosion inhibitor.
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance costs, resists salt water spray.
  • Provide UV protection.

X20-18 - Documents

Technical Information

Xzilon Aviation Grade Spray & ShineXzilon Aviation Grade Spray & Shine

Spray & Shine is an exterior, light duty cleaner. This pink liquid is a spray on, wipe off formula to clean, enhance and maintain painted surfaces and bright works. It is also used as a lubricant/cleaner when micro-polishing paint with Grana-Clay bars.
  • Recommended for removing bugs, smudges, spotting and light carbon buildup on exterior surfaces.
  • Highly recommended for post flight wipe down of leading edges and engine inlet debris.

XC11 Xzilon Spray & Shine - Documents

Xzilon Polymer Wetcoat PolishXzilon Polymer Wetcoat Polish

Polymer Wetcoat provides a rich, deep wet look on exterior aircraft surfaces. This tan creme is used on painted or painted composite surfaces and also may be used on aviation acrylic windows. It contains polymeric resins that provide extended paint protection and UV-50 blockers to protect against the sun even at high altitudes.
  • Provides Glossy Finish
  • Extends paint and exterior coating life
  • Protects surface against harmful UV exposure
  • Easy to apply, economical to use.

XPW-G Xzilon Polymer Wetcoat Polish - Documents