Our Clients and Partners

Our company is greatly acknowledged as a prime distributor for high quality, safe and environment-friendly products of Swiss and European brands for the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and North & East African markets. The organization takes great pride as the local partner, exclusive distributor and service provider for companies such as Rhoba-Chemie GmbH, Spaene-Group, CARELA, ECSAG, Adexano GmbH and Wiegand AG.

Our Clients

Our Partners

rhoba-chemie GmbH

Highly respected German manufacturer of cleaning solutions with specialized application in avionics, marine, automotive & facilities maintenance services.

Adexano GmbH

German company noted for producing healthcare and sanitation products in “nano technology” formulation – BACOBAN a highly potent, long-lasting special disinfectant for general disinfection, hygiene and sanitation.


German company recognized as one of the leaders in the production of specialized chemicals under the brand name “Carela”. Cleaning and disinfection of Potable Water Tanks & Reservoir, Pipeline Network,
& Heat Exchange Installations.

Granitize Aviation

Founded in 1930 in California as a manufacturer and distributor of automobile waxes and polishes, the company manufactures premier products for professional use. The Granitize commitment to research, development and product quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Over the years, customer requests and independent research have led to the development of products for various surface care and maintenance application including aircrafts in aviation industry.

Miller-Stephenson, U.S.A.

Founded in 1955 provides quality chemical products for a wide range of industries worldwide. Issued the U.S. National Stock Number (NSN) highest quality rating for special aerosol products.


Swiss based manufacturer of innovative preventive maintenance & cleaning solutions. ECS pioneered the flocked-card technology, “smart cleaning cards”.

Hedinger Aircraft-Components Ltd.

Since 1971 Hedinger Aircraft-Components Ltd. is officially recognized by the Swiss authority for civil aviation as an official service and maintenance partner. Hedinger holds as well approval from FAA and
TCCA and is ISO 9001 certified.