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Marine Industry – Engine Maintenance Products 

The harsh sea environment can take a heavy toll on your boat and travelling through it may take its toll. Aquatic vehicles require regular cleaning and waxing to keep it looking its best. Vinyl seats, Bimini tops and boat covers need a waterproof protectant with strong UV blockers. Metal surfaces must be polished to remove salt corrosion and protected to slow down future corrosion. Isinglass needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and to prevent yellowing, cracking and clouding.

rhobaCLEAN L600rhobaCLEAN L600

Highly concentrated water-based multipurpose cleaning & degreasing agent with proven effectiveness on heavy soiling, resin residue, oil & grime.
  • Low foaming water-based cleaning & degreasing agent.
  • May be applied with high pressure sprayer, immersion or specialized ultrasonic bath.
  • Safely removes heavy soiling such as grease, oil, grime, residue and environmental dirt.
  • Does not attack steel, copper, brass, iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, rubber or plastics. Pretests should be carried out for temperature and concentration prior to application.
  • Can be used as a water based cleaner in non-destructive material testing.
  •  Free from phosphates and complex agents and effectively neutralizes surfaces after paint stripping operations, i.e. aircraft.
  • Non-flammable

Specifications and Approvals

    Product Technical Information (PDF)

  • PSD 6-104 PSD 6-104
  • b 70-21-24 G Electric (70-21-22 Methods 1&2/b 70-21-24 )
  • A 330-ATA 32 Airbus Industry (A 330-ATA 32 Wheel hubs)
  • 70-21-22 General Electric (70-21-22 Methods 1 & 2)
  • 70-21-24 General Electric (70-21-24)
  • n/a 1 Exterior Engine Cleaning
  • SPMC 181 Pratt & Whitney SPMC 181
  • SPOP 209 Pratt & Whitney SPOP 209
  • SPOP 1 Pratt & Whitney SPOP 1
  • 1/24R Rolls Royce Omat 1/24R
  • AMS 1537 A BF. Goodrich, AMS 1537 A
  • BAC 5763 BAC 5763
  • BAC 5749 BAC 5749
  • D6 -17487 (N) Boeing D6 - 17487 Revision N

L 600 - Documents

Technical Information

rhobaCORR KHK 100rhobaCORR KHK 100

Corrosion inhibitor and hardness controller used in closed and half closed cooling water systems. It forms an optimal corrosion protection film in the whole system and prevents sediment collecting in the tubes.
  • Forms an optimal corrosion protection film in the whole system and prevents sediment forming in the tubes
  • Free from phosphor
  • CANNOT be used in systems containing aluminium or aluminium alloys

rhobaCORR KHK 100 - Documents

Technical Information

rhobaSOL 4 ESFrhobaSOL 4 ESF

Specialised cold cleaner that is free of fluorocarbons. It is a special solvent cleaner that is ready for use, has a pleasant scent and is employee friendly.
  • Removes adhesives, oil, fat, waxes, corrosion layers, resins and environmental dirt
  • Can be applied by immersion method, spraying or wiping
  • Can be used on different surfaces, e.g. metal, plastics

rhobaSOL 4 ESF - Documents

Technical Information

RhobaSOL 5503 (RHOBA ALTIA 0204)

Ready to use, pleasant scented solvent cleaner for intensive degreasing and cleaning. Evaporates without residues.
  • Free of chlorinated hydrocarbons, fluorocarbon, chlorine etc.
  • Evaporates without residues and does not attack the material surface.
  • Has proven its worth in metal and synthetics industry, removes oil, greases, gummings, waxes, preservations, especially corrosion protection products common in the aviation industry, environmental dirt.
  • May be used with ultrasonic cleaners (room temperature), in hydrosonic supported immersion baths, in part cleaners as well as in immersion-, spraying and wiping method.

Specifications and Approvals

RhobaSOL 5503 - Documents

Technical Information