Consultancy Services

ALMADION International L.L.C. is a leading Swiss Company based in the UAE. Our group has been an active business consultancy center in the Gulf region since 1998, providing market knowledge, valuable contacts and B2B platforms for our clients’ business success. Whether you are looking for classic services like extensive market studies, trade fair participations and trade mission support or innovative approaches to new business opportunities like our B2B conference platforms, we hold the proverbial key to open the door.

ALMADION Consultancy specializes on

  • Business Development Concepts, Frameworks and Strategies
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Local Business Set-up Assistance
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Advisory Services for Family Offices
  • Marketing Surveys & Supports

Through our longstanding experience..

.. and extensive understanding in the region’s market, we are able to offer profound business advises and know-how to our avid client. We make it our mission to accompany our clients in all important steps of implementation of their business development. We provide a comprehensive set of cross-border services for local and international clients to explore the GCC markets and give them access to the right contacts to penetrate the market.